How to Delete an App on iPhone 11: A Step-by-Step Guide

So, you want to delete an app on your iPhone 11? No worries, it’s a piece of cake! All you need to do is locate the app you want to delete, press and hold it until a menu pops up, and then tap "Delete App." Confirm your decision, and voila! The app will be gone from your iPhone 11 in no time.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Delete an App on iPhone 11

Before you start, make sure you really want to delete the app. Remember, once it’s gone, all the data within the app will be gone too. Follow these simple steps to clear up some space on your iPhone 11.

Step 1: Locate the app you want to delete.

Press and hold the app icon until a menu appears.

Step 2: Tap "Delete App" from the menu.

Once you tap "Delete App," another prompt will appear asking you to confirm your decision.

Step 3: Confirm your decision to delete the app.

Tap "Delete" on the confirmation prompt to finalize the deletion.

After you complete the deletion process, the app will no longer be visible on your home screen or anywhere else on your iPhone 11. The app and all its data will be permanently removed, so make sure you’ve backed up any important information before proceeding.

Tips: Deleting Apps on iPhone 11

  • If you change your mind after deleting an app, you can always re-download it from the App Store.
  • Deleting an app will not cancel any subscriptions associated with that app. You’ll need to cancel those separately.
  • Consider offloading apps instead of deleting them if you think you might want to use them again in the future. Offloading keeps the app’s data while freeing up space.
  • Some built-in Apple apps cannot be deleted.
  • To quickly delete multiple apps, use the "Edit Home Screen" feature, and tap the minus signs on the apps you want to delete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I recover an app after deleting it?

Yes, you can re-download any app you’ve purchased or downloaded in the past from the App Store.

Does deleting an app also cancel any subscriptions?

No, deleting an app does not cancel subscriptions. You’ll need to cancel any subscriptions through your Apple ID settings.

Can I delete pre-installed Apple apps?

Some pre-installed Apple apps can be deleted, but others, like the Phone or Messages app, cannot.

What’s the difference between deleting and offloading an app?

Deleting an app removes it and all its data from your iPhone. Offloading an app keeps its data but frees up storage space.

How can I delete multiple apps at once?

You can delete multiple apps by entering "Edit Home Screen" mode and tapping the minus sign on the apps you want to remove.


  1. Locate the app you want to delete.
  2. Tap "Delete App" from the menu.
  3. Confirm by tapping "Delete" on the prompt.


Deleting an app on your iPhone 11 is a straightforward process. It’s an effective way to manage your device’s storage and keep your home screen clutter-free. Plus, you have the option to offload apps if you’re not ready to part with them completely. Just remember, any data within the app will be gone unless it’s stored in the cloud or backed up elsewhere. So, take a moment to consider if you really need that app gone for good. If you do, go ahead and give it the boot. That’s one less icon to scroll past when you’re searching for your favorite app. Happy decluttering!